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Always Love

The Timeless Story of God's Heart for the World

& What it Means for You

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Why Always Love?

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Sometimes we forget that the Bible is actually one cohesive Story.


Instead, we use it as a manual for morality, view it as a string of disconnected stories, or consult it as a compilation of theological doctrines. But in Always Love, you’ll rediscover the Bible’s overarching narrative as themes are woven together revealing a seamless story from beginning to end. After following these themes through each major twist and turn, through difficult passages normally glossed over, through narrative, poetry, and ancient history, you won’t read the Bible the same way again! And more than that, you’ll be inspired to respond to God’s Always Love for you and find your place in His Story. 


Who should read Always Love?


  • Anyone longing to see how the whole Bible fits together

  • Families with children who have outgrown picture Bibles

  • High schoolers and college students making their faith their own

  • Bible study leaders

“While there are many reasons why the church in the West is in decline, the most striking reason is that people are no longer connecting with the redemptive story of the Bible.” 

- Mark Miller, Experiential Storytelling 

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A bit about the author

Sara Lubbers

Convinced that being rooted in God’s Always Love and joining Him in His Story is what life is all about, Sara lives out her small part of God’s Story with her husband and three children in whatever country they happen to call home at the time. Although she has spent most of her adult life living in foreign countries, West Texas holds a special place in her heart. Wherever she is, you’ll likely find her sipping homemade chai and getting lost in a good book with her children or chatting with friends about the ups and downs of all good stories—including each of their own.

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"This book will transform your understanding of the Word of God and the plan of the Lord from the moment of His creation. There is a flow in the Word we miss, but Sara Lubbers brings that flow to life so that we no longer read the Bible as disjointed, unconnected stories. I love this book!"

- Elizabeth

2nd career, missionary in Africa

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